Corporate Profile

Vegebest Inc. entered the vegan/vegetarian food industry over 20 years ago in California. Since then we have began importing, exporting, manufacturing, and distributing products throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe. We strive to provide high quality products and customer service, and by doing so we have grown into one of the largest distributors of vegetarian foods in the United States.

We provide a large selection of dry and frozen products that include products made from:

  • Soybean Protein
  • Beancurd and Tofu
  • Gluten
  • Mushrooms
  • Konjac and Seaweed Extract Products

We carry an extensive range of offerings to fulfill your needs. All our manufacturers are HACCP, ISO, and GMP approved.

Product Orientation

We carry large varieties of products in order to cater to our diverse consumers. Our products are separated into two categories. The first category, traditional products, includes soybean and flour products such as beancurd and gluten. The second category, modern products, includes products similar to meat in shape and flavor, or imitation products. These products are produced to help consumers find a suitable substitute for meat and to provide a guideline for cooking methods. Choices between vegetarian or vegan products are available.

Management Objectives

In this rapidly evolving world, the vegetarian population is constantly increasing. We want to make sure that we are able to provide products suited to everyone’s needs. For vegetarians, we provide choices. For health conscious people, we provide convenience. For non-vegetarians, we ease the transition for prospective vegetarians.

Research and Development

We strive to constantly improve our products and to fulfill the needs of our consumers. Backed by this philosophy, we do our best to adapt and innovate..